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Mel Mariopsa


I am Mel Mariposa, a career worker tired of the lack of options available for web hosting. In 2018, I saw the immediate need for affordable offshore hosting with a focus on what we need: discretion and understanding. With a commitment to confidentiality, I provide flexible and anonymous payment options while retaining none of your personal information.

When you choose Red Umbrella Hosting, you're not just receiving services from a nameless company — you're gaining a trusted teammate, a fellow worker in your corner who can help with whatever website issue you have. My mission is simple: to offer you the kind of service that I would want to receive myself. Please take a moment to read my guarantee to you, and rest assured that your happiness is my top priority. If I can help you with a problem related to your website (whether I built it or not), I will.


I have had the privilege of featured by some wonderful media outlets since founding Red Umbrella. I truly believe good journalists are our greatest allies in this world and am more than happy to speak to them. My email is encrypted and I am also happy to speak over encrypted messaging on or off the record.


Red Umbrella Hosting: Privacy, Anonymity, Affordability

Hosting tailored to your needs, backed by attentive assistance. Unlike big-box hosting companies, I am dedicated to offering a one-on-one partnership, prioritising your needs. Get hands-on technical support via email, encrypted live chat, and tickets. You will never be left on read for weeks. You are my priority and your online presence is always handled with the care and discretion you deserve.

All hosting packages include

cPanelUTR Mode
SSL CertificateWeekly Backups
Image OptimizationWebsite Statistics
Dedicated Offshore ServerCMS Installation/Migration

Package Type
Price per month
10 dollars
Package Overview
1-2 websites, 5 GB of disk space, 30 GB of bandwidth, supports up to 2 domains.
Package Offers
Ideal for individuals
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Package Type
Price per user per month.
20 dollars
Package Overview
SFTP access, MySQL access, 10 GB of disk space, 50 GB of bandwidth, up to 5 domains.
Package Offers
Idea for 1-2 individuals hosting custom-designed or simple websites.
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Package Type
Price per user per month
50 dollars
Package Overview
SFTP access, MySQL access, 30 GB disk space, unmetered bandwidth (see TOS), unlimited domains.
Package Offers
Ideal for friends sharing hosting or small designers bundling hosting with their websites.
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Red Umbrella Design: Your Website, Your Way

Tasteful, professional, elegant — these are the words you want to describe your website. You're not interested in a generic site where you can tell who designed it just by looking. Instead, you're after a design that authentically reflects you and your brand. Sadly, many 'designers' out there prefer to squeeze you into their mold, rather than allowing your vision to shine. Other designers turn simple updates into time-consuming challenges, causing months-long delays for posting your latest photoshoot. But it doesn't have to be this way.

In 2020, I took the initiative to expand Red Umbrella Hosting to offer a different approach to design. Consider me the painter adding color to your walls. Do I own those walls because I painted them the colour you chose? Of course not. The same goes for your website. I I do not charge extra for you to remove my logo from your website or to take you out of my portfolio — in fact, I don't even add it unless you tell me to. Should you choose to do either, I am nothing but appreciative. But neither is ever required.

Perhaps you already have a website but are considering a more custom, self-hosted link page. Why send your traffic elsewhere when it can stay on your domain? Keep the visitors where they belong—right on your website.

Whether you're someone who dabbled in HTML back in the MySpace era or you've only ever owned a smartphone and this all sounds like a foreign language, I've got your back. My services range from WordPress to static HTML/CSS sites. My WordPress sites are built on the user-friendly Elementor framework + custom tutorials so you can self manage your content and photos. Each HTML site includes commented code and a user-friendly tutorial, empowering you to handle updates if desired. Every site I build comes with three complimentary updates for your convenience. For additional updates beyond that, I offer itemized billing at $35/hr, making sure you always know exactly what you're paying for.

You might be wondering, 'Sounds great, but what about time?' No need to worry. I've streamlined the process so that even if you're swamped, you can still have an elegant, responsive website. I'll handle the details, you focus on what truly matters: making money and enjoying your life.

Site Preview Site Preview Site Preview Site Preview Site Preview


Select a template, tailor your vision.


Provide your links and photos, receive a tailored links page.


Explore the elegance of my single-page HTML template – a stylish, mobile-responsive choice for your online debut (or re-debut). Elevate your brand presence and professional image as you take it to the next level.


Explore the sophistication of a sleek, elegant, and quick-loading multi-page website – a mobile-forward choice for expanding your brand. Elevate your online presence and professional image as you expand your digital footprint.


Effortlessly manageable, exquisitely beautiful WordPress website with a responsive one-page design. Simple elegance for an easy-to-handle online presence.


Simplicity in control, sophistication in design – my easy-to-manage WordPress websites come with multiple pages, offering an inviting space to beautifully showcase your brand.


We begin with a clean slate. Full custom website design and development tailored to fulfill all your brand needs. Dreaming of your own clip store? An art portfolio? Whatever you envision, we can bring it to life.

Starts at $1000

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You may pay for:
Hosting — Monthly, quarterly, or annually. There is a discount for paying quarterly or annually.
Design — 25-50% deposit, remainder on delivery.

You may pay with:
Gift Cards, BTC, Money Order/Cash, Debit Card. A website may also be gifted over Wishtender (as it is an item, not a service)

If you have any further questions about payment method specifics, don’t hesitate to email me:
Please note all prices are listed in USD. Canadian and Australian dollars are accepted at an exchange of $1.25 to $1 USD. GBP is accepted at £1.25 GBP to $1 USD.


1. Your site will never be held hostage
Whether its a site I host or a site I designed it is YOURS. You paid for it, and if you want to move it that is 100% your right and I will assist you in any way I can. I understand how important your website is to your business and I would never interfere. There are not ‘support hours’ nor will I leave you waiting in limbo for weeks at a time for simple questions. I offer free migration assistance both on AND off of this server. This business exists to make your life simpler.

2. I will help you in any way that I can
While I am not a huge company with a large team, I offer prompt hands on and personalised support. I am happy to help you with any problem I can when it comes to your site, and I always want you to feel comfortable coming to me with any site related issue you may have. If I can help you, I will.

3. You are the boss — I work for you
Red Umbrella was started for the community and will remain that way. As such, I pledge not to charge an outrageous rate to you simply because of your profession. I know that there are companies in various industry that charge a worker markup and I will never be one of them.

4. You deserve equal access
This is something I truly believe and will always stand by. We are marginalised and discriminated against in many aspects of life. Web hosting, design, and photography services are services workers need to run their business and I will always do my best to deliver affordable access to quality service. The Privacy Policy & TOS are readable. If there is anything you don't understand, you can email me and ask.

5. I will not price gouge you
I will never mark up the prices of my services simply because I am offering them to an underserved population. You will always be charged a fair and comparable rate to the one I charge civilians for similar services. You work hard for your money, and I want more of it to stay in your pocket. If you find my prices higher than a big box web host it is for a couple reasons:

a) I do not have the infrastructure they do, nor am I entitled to the tax benefits they are. Since I am not leasing servers in bulk I’m not getting any kind of volume or corporate discount. As the business grows, I will be able to do that and pass those savings onto you. The price of this service has never gone up, only down.

b) I am offering a much more comprehensive support plan, which has its own value. If a plugin breaks your website on a big box host, that’s too bad. But if it breaks here, I’ll get your site up and running as quickly as possible. If you want to migrate to another host? The big box will wave as they delete your account. I’ll get you set up with a working site and wish you the best. I am truly here to help you.

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