Photography by Melissa Mariposa

I got my start in photography as a teenager shooting abstracts and nature macros.  Branching out into landscape and portraits as I travelled more places and met more people, I shot stock photos as a side gig until I got burned out on photography altogether.  My enjoyment was refreshed during university when digital photography was a mandatory part of my curriculum.  After shooting nothing for years, I started shooting myself.  I was sick of being in gorgeous locations saying, “I wish I had a photographer”.  Now I want to share those locations and my re-ignited passion with you, at an affordable rate.

things to know

  • I shoot by time, not outfits/looks.  Please keep that in mind when planning your shoot.
  • No hair or makeup, please show up prepared to shoot
  • My photography schedule is identical to my tour schedule.
  • I think of myself as more of a Fine Arts photographer rather than strictly boudoir and can shoot a number of styles both in and outdoor.
  • Artistic/Sensual Music Video is available starting at $150.  Please ask for more details when you contact me.
  • Your photos will be reflective of you and your style.  I believe in capturing the energy and essence of the model.
  • Prefer shooting with natural light and book my locations accordingly, but do also have kit lighting.
  • Offer light/natural retouching but if you want more I can recommend someone affordable and talented.
  • I will shoot nude, tease, and suggestive but no penetration/hardcore content.