There is no automatic signup - all accounts are set up manually. To get started, please send your domain name and what plan you're interested to

The details of accepted payments are laid out below. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email me: Please note all prices are listed in USD. Canadian dollars are accepted at an exchange of $1.25 CAD to $1 USD.

Pay With Crypto

Please contact me: for a wallet address

Pay with Gift Cards

US payments:  I accept a variety of PHYSICAL gift cards (you do not have to mail them) that you can purchase from a number of stores with cash.  Please enquire for a list.

Canadian payments:  Vanilla Reload Codes are accepted as well as some physical gift cards.

All others:  Please contact me for options.

Pay with a Money Order

A money order via postal mail is available to those paying for one year or longer.  Please contact me for details.  The money order must be in USD or CAD.