Red Umbrella


I have had the privilege of featured by some wonderful media outlets since founding Red Umbrella.  I truly believe good journalists are our greatest allies in this world and am more than happy to speak to them.  Please direct any media inquiries to and allow at least 48 hours for a response.  If it is deadline sensitive please indicate this in the subject line and I will get back to you ASAP.  My email is encrypted and I am also happy to speak over encrypted messaging on or off the record.

“In an interview with the Daily Dot, founder Melissa Mariposa stressed that the organization strives to make sex workers feel safe, secure, and anonymous.”

Ana Valens, The Daily Dot

“With the advent of FOSTA, all the rats who’ve feasted on sex workers’ dollars for years are deserting the sinking ship and leaving us to drown … So when I saw that Missy Mariposa had set up a new offshore hosting company specifically for sex workers, I asked her for a short introduction…”

Maggie McNeill, The Honest Courtesan

“Red Umbrella Hosting was founded by a sex worker to protect those like her from the fallout of pernicious legislation.”

Arvind Dilawar, The Nation

“The company was founded in response to FOSTA-SESTA and offers judgment-free, anonymous and sex-worker-friendly hosting.”

Daniel Cooper, EndGadget 

“As always, where there is violence there is resistance. In the local community, PEERS provides support and resources to sex workers and the community … Sex workers with their own websites can switch to hosts outside of the United States like Red Umbrella Hosting.”

Serena, Anti-Violence Project