Putting control of your content back in your hands. Bringing affordable offshore hosting to you.

Who Red Umbrella Is

A sex worker who was tired of the options available. When SESTA/FOSTA hit, I knew the hammer was going to come down on sites. I saw the immediate need for a more private, offshore hosting service and decided I would do something about fulfilling that need.

  • Anonymous hosting available
  • Located securely offshore
  • Free SSL certificates for every site
  • Discounts for annual payment

What Red Umbrella Offers

A judgement free alternative to traditional web hosting providers. No longer do you have to worry if you're skirting a ToS, getting reported frequently for nudity, getting shadowbanned or outright banned with no warning. I do have some rules, but I try to be as open minded as possible.

It was my hope that we could finally have a place that wasn't just 'adult friendly but 'adult inclusive' and sex positive. I have aimed to keep the packages affordable and accessible to all facets of our industry.

The Team

Melissa Mariposa