Red Umbrella


Tasteful, professional, elegant.  These are the words you want to describe your website.  You don’t want a run of the mill escort site, you want something with a personal touch.  Something you feel you can see yourself and your brand reflected in.

After offering hosting for two years, I began to see a recurring problem with many ‘designers’ that claim to cater to this industry.  Every site looked the same, they were holding sites hostage, refusing to make simple updates for months, dodging providers who just wanted to get their photos updated, and basically just ripping them off. I didn’t want it to be this way, and I knew it didn’t have to be.

In early 2020, I added Design to the Red Umbrella offerings and began offering a way for providers to take back control of their websites and brand from ‘designers’ who think it belongs to them. I think of myself like a painter who comes in and does the walls. Do I own those walls because I painted them? Of course not. Your website is no different.  I do not force you to be in my portfolio, I do not charge extra for you to remove my logo from your website.  If you choose to do either, I am nothing but appreciative.

I build websites in WordPress because I think it is the easiest one for you to update and maintain.  I provide 3 complimentary updates per website, as well as providing you easy to follow tutorials if you wish to maintain it yourself.  If you’d rather me do your updates I bill at $25/hr — and I provide itemised billing so you know exactly how the time and money is being spent.


Best for those who want a Simple but elegant one page site + booking form
$ 450
  • About Section
  • Gallery Section
  • Etiquette Section
  • Schedule Section
  • Mailing List Signup
  • Secure Booking Form
  • Large Variety of Designs
  • Customisable Styles/Colours
  • Automatically optomised images
  • $125/annual hosting renewal ($25 savings)


Best for those who want A more customised and comprehensive website with multiple pages
$ 1000
  • About Page
  • Gallery Page
  • Etiquette Page
  • Tour Calendar
  • Your Own Blog
  • Questions Page
  • Testimonials Page
  • Mailing List Signup
  • Secure Booking Form
  • 2 Additional Custom Pages
  • Hundreds of Design Options
  • Completely Customisable Layouts
  • Automatically Optimised Images
  • $200/annual hosting renewal ($50 savings)