Sex worker
owned and operated

Red Umbrella strives to deliver offerings and personalised customer service for your unique needs,
while putting control of your content back in your hands.

Sex worker
Owned and operated

Melissa Mariposa is a sex worker who was tired of the lack of options available for discreet hosting. When SESTA/FOSTA hit, she knew the hammer was going to come down on sites and saw the immediate need for a more private, offshore hosting service.

Red Umbrella opened as an anonymous and judgement free alternative to traditional web hosting providers. No longer do you have to worry if you're skirting ToS, getting shadowbanned, or outright banned with no warning.

There are some rules, but they're as as open minded as possible. Red Umbrella is designed to be a place that is not just 'adult friendly but 'adult inclusive' and sex positive. While Red Umbrella is sex worker designed and focused, it is not limited to sex workers. If you feel Red Umbrella fits your needs, you are welcome.
Since 2018